Ryan Gosling Was FIRED From The Lovely Bones & The Reason Will Leave You Baffled!
Ryan Gosling Was FIRED From The Lovely Bones & The Reason Will Leave You Baffled!

Ryan Gosling is one of the most sought after names in the West. Know to be an actor who gets into the skin of every character, he did the same for The Lovely Bones. But things certainly did not go the way he planned, even after he put on a good 60 pounds the role which went to Mark Wahlberg.


Opening up about the same in one of his old interview, Ryan Gosling said that despite putting on 60 pounds for the role of Jack Salmon, he lost the film. For those of you unversed, The Lovely Bones was an adaptation of the eponymous novel by author Alice Sebold. The film spoke about the sad life of Susie Salmon (Saoirse Ronan). Following her murder, the teenaged Susie watched over her family coming to terms with her horrific death.


Ryan Gosling who was offered the role of Susie’s father Jack Salmon felt that he needed to look a certain way to do justice to his character. As a result, he began to physically transform himself.

Opening up about his journey to The Hollywood Reporter in 2010, the actor said, “I was 150 pounds when [director Peter Jackson] hired me, and I showed up on set 210 pounds. I was melting Haagen Dazs and drinking it when I was thirsty. We had a different idea of how the character should look,” Gosling said. “I really believed he should be 210 pounds. I really believed in it. I was excited about it. I showed up, and they said, ‘You look terrible.’ And I said, ‘I know! Isn’t it great?’ ‘No, it’s not. Go hit the treadmill’ … then I was fat and unemployed.”

However, a year before Ryan Gosling opened up about what went wrong, Fran Walsh, who was the screenwriter for The Lovely Bones and also the director’s wife said that it was not creative differences but Goslings own insecurities that led to him losing out on the project.

Fran was quoted saying, “Ryan came to us two or three times and said, ‘I’m not the right person for this role. I’m too young. And we said, ‘No, no, no. We can age you up. We can thin your hair.’ We were very keen. It wasn’t until we were in preproduction and we had the cast there that it became increasingly clear: He was so uncomfortable moving forward, and we began to feel he was not right. It was our blindness, the desire to make it work no matter what.”

While only the people involved in the project know what really happened, do drop your thoughts in the comment section below.

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