Thor and Loki’s relationship isn’t easy to understand always in Marvel films. If given a chance, they would kill each other but they would kill the ones who would try to hurt either of them. Actors Chris Hemsworth and Tom Hiddleston have given the face to God of Thunder and God of Mischief and we all love their bittersweet equation in Marvel films.


In The Avengers, when Loki invades Earth with a plan to rule the planet, an angry Thor comes to take him to Asgard. Thor seems to angry that one would assume he might end up killing Loki halfway. Even in films, we witnessed the brothers fighting off and almost killing each other. Loki died several times but only to come back to life again. But in Marvel comics, Thor manages to kill Loki once and it is brutal.

Not In Movies, But In Marvel Comics, Thor Manages To Kill Loki Once & It Is BRUTAL!
Not In Movies, But In Marvel Comics, Thor Manages To Kill Loki Once & It Is BRUTAL!

As mentioned by Screenrant, in the comic Thor #432 by Tom DeFalco, Ron Frenz, Al Milgrom, Mike Rockwitz, and Chris Eliopoulos, the God of Thunder merges with a man named Eric Masterson. Loki captures Eric’s on Kevin and to save his son, Masterson wants Thor to give up on his hammer, Mjolnir. Thor agrees and temporarily vanishes Mjolnir to a different dimension. He then goes out looking out for his brother Loki and saves Kevin.

In the comic, the God of Thunder saves Loki but that leads to a battle between the two brothers. When the fight goes to the street, the God of Mischief tries to kill Kevin using an energy blast. However, Kevin’s mother, the Enchantress forces Eric’s friend Susan to stand in front of Kevin so that he is saved. Thor couldn’t see Loki killing an innocent life and hence, he gets back his Mjolnir.


In a rage, Thor uses the ‘ancient and forbidden’ spell on Loki that ends his immortality. The God of Mischief groans in pain and his body starts disappearing and he dies. Odin feels Loki’s death and says that Thor must be punished for breaking his divine edict. Following that, the God of Thunder is banished to Hell. He splits from Eric Masterson’s on being sent to Hell. However, Eric wonders what happened to Thor before he becomes the new Thor.

So in the comic, we see how deadly serious situations are not only for Loki but also for Thor. One brother dies and one is sent to Hell and a man named Eric becomes the new Thor.

We wonder if this will ever be shown in any Marvel film. Talking about Loki’s death, in Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos managed to kill the God of Mischief by choking him when he tries to betray the Mad Titan.

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