Miley Cyrus Celebrates 7th Anniversary Of Her Song Wrecking Ball; “The Music Had More Depth Than The Nud*ty”
Miley Cyrus Celebrates 7th Anniversary Of Wrecking Ball; “The Music Had More Depth Than The Nud*ty”


Miley Cyrus sure knows how to make headlines every time. Though the singer was recently in the news for her breakup with boyfriend Cody Simpson, today it is for some other reason.

Remember her song, Wrecking Ball? Well, that created quite a lot of stir when it released. And, it continues to grab eyeballs even today. Are you wondering why are we talking about this song all of a sudden? Then read on to know the reason.


Actually, it is not us, but Miley Cyrus herself went down the memory lane remembering her hit single Wrecking Ball. The singer has tweeted about the song talking about how it feels like a lifetime and how her concept of time can seem out of line.

The songwriter appreciated her fans for the support they gave during the time of the song’s release and she further expressed her gratitude and inspiration for the love shown to her now.

Wrecking Ball marks its 7th anniversary and has over a billion views. We all know that Miley wrote this song after her breakup with ex-husband Liam Hemsworth that time.

Speaking about her career to Amo Mama, the Midnight Sky singer admitted her patience in dealing with her heartbreaks led her to write the song. She also talked about how the song was her experience at the time when she said, “Again, it wasn’t a song that got sent to me on a demo, and I just go ‘Cut it.’ I was living it publicly.”

The Wrecking Ball video and Miley Cyrus herself was criticized by many. In 2013, the music star talked about how the music had more depth than the nud*ty being portrayed and talked about how performing the song was an emotional experience.

One thing that cannot be denied is the fact the Wrecking Ball actually went on to become a major hit. How many of you still like this Miley Cyrus song?

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