Michael Jackson Lashed Out Against The Beatles, Elvis Presley & Others Over Racial Discrimination In These Unseen 1987 Letters
Michael Jackson Lashed Out Against The Beatles, Elvis Presley & Others Over Racial Discrimination In These Unseen 1987 Letters (Photo Credit: Getty Images)

In some unearthed notes, dating back to 1987, Michael Jackson lashed out against The Beatles and Elvis Presley over unjust behaviour because of him being black. These letters show how racism fired Jackson to superstardom.


Written during the peak of his fame, the letters revealed the singer’s anger over racial inequality. In this never-seen-before letters, Jackson also accused popular US magazines and music network MTV for shunning black entertainers.


In these letters unearthed by The Sun, Michael Jackson said, “Throughout history, white men have always branded the pages of history with Great White Hopes putting whites over Blacks like nobles like Elvis being the King of Rock and Roll, Springsteen being The Boss and The Beatles being the best.”

Michael Jackson further admitted that The Beatles ‘were good,’ though he added, ‘but they weren’t better singers or dancers than the Blacks.’ Micheal Jackson added that the whites controlled the media and the press and they can, ‘make the public believe whatever they desire.’

In the letters, he also wrote about how he wanted to use the power of his stardom and become the King in the music world. He wrote, “I will change this NOW with the power of my songs and dance and looks and total reclusiveness and mystery world. I will rule as the King.”

Michael Jackson also added that Elvis is ‘not King’ and he will ‘show Springsteen who’s boss.’ He wrote that he was ‘very angry’ and had to prove himself and ‘change things.’ He added that he wanted to be King so ‘white children can have Black heroes so they don’t grow up prejudice.’

The Thriller singer said, “My goal is to become so ‘Big’, so powerful. To become such a hero, to end prejudice. To make these little white kids love me by selling over 200,000,000 albums.”

In the letters, Michael Jackson spoke about the inequality faced by black musicians in the record business as well as with magazines. Talking about MTV, the Man in the Mirror singer said he ‘hated inequality in record business’ adding that ‘blacks weren’t able to be on the music channel.’ He also added that Blacks couldn’t be on the cover of white publications saying, ‘We don’t put Blacks on our covers. Blacks don’t smile.’

Talking about how this injustice and inequality motivated him to touch new heights, Michael Jackson wrote, “All of this put a fire in me to get the recognition so ‘whites and Blacks of all races love me to be on the cover of Time, Life, Newsweek.” He concluded his letters writing, “But I did it over anger. To get even. To prove myself. I love white people, Black people, all races. I want what’s fair. Now is the time for my kingship forever. I want all races to love as one.”

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