In the much talked about royal wedding Prince Harry, sixth in line to the British throne, and US actress Meghan Markle sealed their wedding vows with a kiss outside Windsor Castle’s St. George’s Chapel on Saturday, cheered on by thousands of delighted crowds.


The couple now the Duke and Duchess of Sussex exchanged rings in the presence of Queen Elizabeth II and 600 celebrity guests. Well, we know that millions were waiting for this day and we all went awww the moment Prince Harry and Meghan kissed!!!

Meghan and Prince Harry
Meghan Markle Can’t Sit Crossed-Leg & 9 Other Protocols She Has To Follow!

Since Meghan is now a part of the royal family she has to follow the their customs! Let’s take a look at some of the protocols here:

1. No More Acting

The actress was an important part of the hit TV show Suits. Now that she’s a royal she cannot act in movies!

2. Being Classy & Conservative

Meghan is expected to be dressed according to the royal protocols. Dress code is very important in the world of the royals. She can’t wear something that shows her bare legs.

3. No Signing Autographs


As a Hollywood star, Meghan used to sign autographs wherever she goes! Well now, she is not allowed to sign autographs being a royal!

4. Bye Bye Social Media!

The Duchess of Sussex is not allowed to use her social media accounts since she announced her engagement. Well, that’s not it, she cannot even click selfies because Queen doesn’t like it!

5. No Voting!

Meghan will apply for the UK citizenship but guess what? she will not have the voting rights. The royal family does not vote in parliament and do not give out their opinion regarding politicians.

6. Not Going To Bed Before The Queen

Well, this is one of the strangest protocols. Whenever they are on events together, it is counted offensive if Meghan would go to sleep before her.

7. Avoiding PDA With Harry

PDA is strictly prohibited amongst the Royals. Queen Elizabeth II is very strict when it comes to the amount of public affection that is shown or photographed.

8. Banned From Travelling Solo

The former Hollywood actress now cannot travel alone. She was issued royal protection officers just after her engagement.

9. Forget Fancy Manicures!

It is against the royal dress code to wear fancy attractive colours. They are prohibited to wear any non-neutral nail polish colours.

10. Prohibited To Cross Legs While Sitting

The members of the royal family are only allowed to sit with their legs touching, side-by-side, with a slight tilt to the side.




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