X-Men’s Entry Into The MCU world Has Something To Do With Avengers: Endgame?
Avengers: Endgame Plot Hole To Mark X-Men’s Entry Into The MCU? (Photo Credit: IMDb)

The COVID-19 pandemic not only ruined Marvel’s phase 4 plans but also broke million hearts. Fans were disappointed with this, but finally with the launch of WandaVision on Disney+ Phase 4 is all set to begin. It’s happening more than half a year later than expected. But, nothing was announced regarding X-Men.

Recently on Disney’s Investor Day event, we learned a lot more about the phase 4 films and TV shows. It was also confirmed that Fantastic Four is in the works, with Spider-Man: Far From Home’s Jon Watts set to direct. Well, we have a little more information information about X-Men, continue reading further to know more.



The popular Marvel superheroes were not available for the previous phases, as Fox retained the rights. Marvel crafted the entire MCU without using any mutants in it, with the Romanoff twins being the closest thing we got to the X-Men. This poses a major problem for Marvel. The company has to find a logical explanation for the mutants, given what has happened in the main MCU timeline. There are various theories about how that might happen, with one of the latest leveraging the MCU science to explain how the main plot hole in Avengers: Endgame might be used to bring the X-Men to life. Continue reading further.

The biggest question after Endgame premiered was that of the Infinity Stones. The time heist plan allowed our heroes to steal Infinity Stones from other timelines to beat Thanos. The Stones in the main timeline were destroyed after the events in Infinity War. But the Avengers also took those Stones back to their original places to keep those timelines safe. The Ancient One made it clear that a universe is doomed if the six Infinity Stones aren’t present. So the question which arose in many minds was, how could the main timeline move forward if Thanos destroyed them?

The Russo brothers explained in interviews that the Infinity Stones had been reduced to atoms. They might be destroyed in the sense that you can’t actually see them, but their atoms are still floating around the universe. This is where New Rockstars’ fan theory about the origin of the X-Men comes into play. The YouTube channel uses science to demonstrate the Stones’ presence and their potential impact on humans.

The YouTube channel explains that particles from the six Infinity Stones could have reached humans carrying the X gene. That cosmic radiation would turn those people into mutants. Wanda also carries the X gene, and her powers are derived from the Mind Stone. Carol Danvers got her powers from the Space Stone, although she’s not a mutant. Check out the video below:

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