Kingsman: 7 Films Along With The TV Series In The Pipeline! (Photo Credit - Imdb)
Kingsman Franchise: 7 More Films Along With The TV Series In The Pipeline! (Photo Credit – Imdb)

The Kingsman, which is considered to be a slightly different version of ‘Bond’ films, is proving to be a profitable franchise for the production house Marv. The King’s Man is the franchise’s third film and is set to release in 2021.


But, the recent news coming in states that there are seven more Kingsman films in the pipeline. Which means, Marv is looking to hit the lucky number 10 with the number of parts.


Marv Group CEO Zygi Kamasa recently had a conversation with Deadline in which he revealed that director Matthew Vaughn is planning “something like seven more Kingsman films at the Winston Baker UK Finance Summit earlier this month. The franchise is a crucial part of the group’s expansion plans.”

Kamasa also added, “We want to grow the business and the output. We have a Kingsman TV series in the works, and there are two-three other franchises that are being developed alongside the Kingsman world.”

Though Marv produces the Kingsman franchise, the rights still remain with 20th Century Studios. In his interview with Empire, Vaughn had explained about the future scope of Kingsman. He had said, “We’ve put seeds for what’s going to happen in Kingsman 3 all the way back into this. And it’s going to be very different.”

He also elaborated about the same while talking to at New York Comic-Con in 2019, “I some ways, we’ll discover why manners maketh man. We’ll discover why one of my favourite lines in the new film is ‘reputation is what people think you are, the character is who you are.’ It’s got a lot of what I’ll call home truths for our modern society that would be good to remember. It’s an allegory of…World War I happened due to some crazy politicians and political movements that got out of control. Everybody thought there couldn’t be a war, and then it happened. We’re living in a crazy time right now.”

Kingsman fans, how excited are you for this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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