When Samantha Jones Thought Of A Priest & M*sturbated For 2.5 Hours To Pleasure Herself
When Samantha Jones M*sturbated For 2.5 Hours In Sex And The City (Picture Credit: IMDB)

Nowadays, having s*x scenes in shows and movies is not unusual. Netflix even shares post that declares all the intimate scenes in their shows along with their time stamp. Be it Game Of Thrones, Succession or Life/Sex, n*dity and steamy scenes have become a pretty common deal in recent times. But when it comes to m*sturbation, female m*sturbation to be precise, it’s still not that common! However, Sex And The City, which was always ahead of its time, showed Samantha Jones in complete action for a while, and it was quite a scandalous moment.

Samantha, played by Kim Cattrall, remains one of the most iconic fictional women in Hollywood of all time. She was unapologetic about her needs and desire and did not hesitate in expressing her s*xual needs. In one of the scenes, she pleasured herself for hours, and it was too progressive and hot to handle.

One must be thinking exactly which m*sturbation scene we’re talking about, as the entire Sex And The City series is filled with those. Yes, we agree! There are too many amazing pleasure-driven moments on the show but we’re talking about the one that was probably the longest, according to Samantha Jones. It was during the fourth season in the first episode. Kim Cattrall found herself a big d*ldo and pleasured herself for two and a half hours!

It so happened that Kim Cattrall’s Samantha Jones fancied the local priest whom she fondly called ‘Friar F*ck.’ On a good Sunday morning, instead of going to the church, she spent two and a half hours m*sturbating and making herself feel good! By the end of her cathartic session, she was legit singing to the angels!

Here is the scene on YouTube that blew us away!

Kim Cattrall totally owned the scene and that’s why Samantha Jones became a true legend in Sex And The City. It’s a bummer that she is not returning in And Just Like That.

Let us know what you think about Samantha’s therapeutic session and for more such news, stay tuned to Koimoi.

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