Keanu Reeves Starrer Matrix 4 Is Coming To The Theatres SOONER Than You Think!
Keanu Reeves Starrer Matrix 4 Is Coming To The Theatres SOONER Than You Think! (Pic credit: Movie Sill)

After almost 20-years fans of The Matrix learned that Keanu Reeves will return as Neo in the fourth instalment of the franchise. The film will be written and directed by Lana Wachowski, who co-directed the original trilogy of films. Reports stated that the new sequel will be released in theatres in December 2021.

With plans to arrive in theatres in 2021, the production of the film began early this year, however, due to coronavirus pandemic the filming had to be stopped. As a result, Warner Bros. had also postponed the release of the film in 2022. While fans have come to understand that the film will not be released before 2022, latest reports reveal that WB has decided to move the release back to 2021. The decision was taken after the production of the film resumed after the COVID-19 pandemic.

According to Screen Rant, the studio has moved up the release date to December 22, 2021. Previously, the film was scheduled to release in theatres on April 1, 2022. Although the latest release date may seem earlier than recently expected, The Matrix 4 will still arrive seven months after the original May 2021 release date.

Recently, another report stated that Hugo Weaving, who played the role of Agent Smith in the Matrix franchise, will now be dropped out of the fourth instalment. The actor himself has spoken about him leaving the project. The actor during an interview with had said, “Lana Wachowski had rung me at the beginning of last year. We’ve worked together five times, the Wachowskis and I on three Matrix films, V for Vendetta and Cloud Atlas. I’ve hung out with them all over the world for many, many years. So, yes, Lana was very keen for me to be involved in The Matrix. There was reading with Keanu [Reeves], Carrie[-Anne Moss] and myself and a few others from the old family.”

Weaving further said, “Ultimately, we talked about it and when the offer came through to do it for Warner’s I said yes the next day and I talked to Lana. I thought we could have done my scenes in May, June and July; and we talked about money and we talked about — they were negotiating. And we were all pretty much sorted and agreed on dates and it was all fine, but then Lana decided she didn’t think it was going to work. So, she pulled the plug on the negotiations. That’s where it ended up. She basically didn’t feel that my commitment to the National Theatre was going to fit in with the dates that she had in mind for me.”

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