Keanu Reeves Reveals His Plans Post John Wick's 4th & 5th Instalments!
Keanu Reeves Reveals His Plans Post John Wick’s 4th & 5th Instalments! (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Keanu Reeves’s John Wick series is one of the much-awaited among the fans. Latest reports even revealed that the makers of the film have already been given the green light for the fourth and fifth instalments. In fact, both will be filmed back to back.


However, fans have been asking whether the franchise end with a fifth movie? Just like Al Pacino, when John Wick thinks he’s out, they pull him back. He just can’t seem to retire to a life of honouring his late wife by being safe and happy.


Nevertheless, Keanu Reeves has now revealed his plans with John Wick franchise. In the latest interview with OK! Magazine, he was asked how long he’d be willing to play John Wick. To which he replied, “As far as my legs can take me. As far as the audience wants to go.”

The 55-year-old actor’s statement echoes comments made by franchise director Chad Stahelski. Earlier the filmmaker had said that he is willing to keep making John Wick movies until somebody makes him stop. The report comes as good news for fans who want to see the actor in the popular action franchise.

John Wick, which is the revenge montage, has become pure, exhilarating, gloriously choreographed action film franchise. According to Screen Rant, the three instalments of the franchise has raked in more than $600 million from fans, who are just happy to see Keanu Reeves on the big screen. The film was written by Derek Kolstad and directed by Chad Stahelski. It’s worth pointing out the first instalment of the franchise was co-directed by David Leitch.

Going by the fans’ demand, the dream team will continue to make John Wick 4 and 5. However, fate after that is still unclear.

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