Justin Bieber Faces Massive Backlash For His Reaction on Jaden Smith's Shirtless Selfie(Pic credit: Facebook/Jaden Smith, Getty Images)
Justin Bieber Faces Massive Backlash For His Reaction on Jaden Smith’s Shirtless Selfie(Pic credit: Facebook/Jaden Smith, Getty Images)

Canadian pop star Justin Bieber received a massive backlash after commenting on Jaden Smith’s Instagram post. The massive backlash comes a day after they had recently released a new single “Falling For You.” Their collaboration comes after almost a decade when “Never Say Never” (released in 2010).


While the song is being liked by many fans and is now trending, Justin has landed in soup for showing some love to his good friend Jaden Smith. The latter had posted a mirror selfie shirtless on Instagram and most of the fans gushed over the snap. “CTV3 tonight,” so “The Karate Kid” actor had captioned the picture.


Justin Bieber, who decided to become a bit cheeky, left a comment on his pal Jaden’s Instagram post that left a number of people confused. The Canadian pop star had left three tongue emojis in the comment section of the post.

Soon everyone on the photo-sharing site did not appreciate what he had posted. One user said, “This new generation of dudes weird and homo af smh,” while another one said, “I don’t give a damn if females do this men shouldn’t. Yall want to normalize anything & it’s sad. Have standards. Got damn.”

Another user argued saying, “A straight man will never go under another mans picture a comment [tongue emoji] it’s the y’all doing too much for me!”

However, Justin Bieber has now deleted the comment. A sizeable number of people had come to his defence and pointed out that there is nothing wrong with wanting to hype up a friend. This also led to some argued that why females are allowed to do such a thing but men are not.

A user on Instagram posted a comment, “Lmao if you don’t have friends like this something is wrong with you. They’re just bro’s being funny this generation is sensitive!”. While another user commented, “He’s hyping up his longtime friend just like women do. He’s comfortable with his masculinity.” Sharing the same sentiment, another user said, “Women do this to each other all the time. I don’t see the problem.”

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