Snyder Cut Of Justice League Might Hit The Theatres With R-Rating
Justice League Snyder Cut Might End Up Releasing With R-Rating

Zack Snyder’s Cut of the Justice League is one of the most wanted things on this planet, and the wait for it is becoming difficult. But it turns out Snyder is up to spill some tea as he just revealed that his four-hour-long film might just make it to the theatres as well. And to add more to this exciting update, it might just be an R-rated film. Read on to know what Zack has to say about this most significant update of the day.

Fans got what they were asking for over the past few years when Warner Bros announced they will be releasing the Zack Snyder Cut of Justice League on their streaming platform HBO Max. The four-hour-long movie with extended scenes now, was said to be broken in episodes to give it a series format. But the latest update says it will also hit the theatres with an R-rating.



Yes, you read that right, Zack Snyder has himself confirmed the news. Talking to EW the Justice League filmmaker said, “Here’s one piece of information nobody knows: The movie is insane and so epic and is probably rated R — that’s one thing I think will happen, that it will be an R-rated version, for sure. We haven’t heard from the MPAA, but that’s my gut.”

Further explaining what exactly makes Justice League an R-rated film, Zack Snyder said there is a scene where Batman drops an F-bomb. Cyborg aka Ray Fisher has a rant and Steppenwolf is up for some brutal violence. “There’s one scene where Batman drops an F-bomb. Cyborg is not too happy with what’s going on with his life before he meets the Justice League, and he tends to speak his mind. And Steppenwolf is pretty much just hacking people in half. So [the rating would be due to] violence and profanity, probably both,” Snyder said.

Zack Snyder also opened up on Warner Bros’ new release model of releasing films on HBO Max the same day they hit theatres. “I’m a huge fan and a big supporter of the cinematic experience, and we’re already talking about Justice League playing theatrically at the same time it’s coming to HBO Max. So weirdly, it’s the reverse [of the trend],” Snyder concluded.

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