Petition To Bring Johnny Depp Back To Pirates Of The Caribbean Crosses 400K votes
Johnny Depp Fans’ Petition To Bring Him Back To Pirates Of The Caribbean Is Over 400K Strong ( Photo Credit – IMDb )

Johnny Depp has been in the centre of a massive controversy for the longest time now. While his defeat at the Libel trial happens to be the most discussed subject, his exits and farewell from some of his most prominent roles are what his fans are grieving the most. As per the latest update, Depp fans have now taken reigns in their hands and have filed a petition to bring him back in the Pirate Of The Caribbean franchise, and it has even neared crossing a milestone on the platform. Read on to know all the details about the same.

For the unversed, Johnny Depp has been on a massive feud with a tabloid over them calling him a wife-beater. This was in reference to his allegedly abusive behaviour with ex-wife Amber Heard. The Libel Trial that Depo initiated ended with him facing defeat and the tabloid waling out shedding all the charges. Post this, hell broke loose and Depp had to walk out of Fantastic Beast officially, following many big opportunities that were coming his way.

As we speak, there are tow Pirate Of The Caribbean movies in the development and the makers have decided not to bring in Johnny Depp. Out of the two one is the spin-off that stars Margot Robbie and other a continuation of the original plot. While Johnny fans all this while have been pressuring studios, especially Warner Bros to fire Amber Heard have now begun a new movement. The fans now demand that the studio brings back Depp in the Pirates franchise and give him the glorious Jack Sparrow back.

The petition has been filed on, where there is some serious voting happening. The petition has crossed over 400k votes as we speak and is fast approaching the half a million milestone. The actor has now found support that might make studios reconsider their stand in all this controversy.

While on that, the buzz was also that Amber Heard has been in talks to join Margot Robbie in Pirate Of The Caribbean Spin-off. The said movie is said to be a feminist tale and will bring a completely new vibe to the franchise.

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