Peacemaker New Clip Has John Cena Taking A Dig At Jason Momoa’s Aquaman
Peacemaker Is Set To Release On December 3(Photo Credit: Still From Movie)

While many things from the DCEU are expected to hit the big screen and the streaming, one of the most anticipated is of course Peacemaker. There are many reasons to be excited for this one, but the biggest is John Cena embodying the character that is the quirkiest in the universe. Over the past few days in whatever we have seen of the show that is hitting shores on December 3, we have seen Christopher Smith’s quirk meet James Gunn’s humour and the result is amazing.

Now turns out the makers have decided to up the anticipation for the show as they have released a new clip online during the San Diego Comic-Con Special Edition. The clip while features Peacemaker in a war of words with Janitot Jamil aka Rizwan Manji he takes a massive dig at Jason Momoa. Well, the Internet is right now in a state of shock and you will be too. Read on to know everything you should about the same.

James Gunn shapes Peacemaker from the point the self-righteous douchebag was recruited by Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) to “save the f***ing world.” The clip that has him in war of words with Jamil, takes the moment and takes a dig at Jason Momoa’s aquatic Justice Leaguer. Jon Cena’s Christopher Smith says, “F*** Aquaman!” The scene is set in a hospital where he is talking to Jamil about the incident where Idris Elba’s Bloosport shot him and burried him under the rumble. He calls himself famous and Jamil seconds that.

Watch it here:

Meanwhile, as per Comicbook, while talking about John Cena’s character, James Gunn said, “Through the story, you learn where Peacemaker came from. There’s a moment in [The Suicide Squad] where Bloodsport talks about his father and what his father was like, and you cut to a shot of Peacemaker, and Peacemaker nods. That’s the seed of the entire Peacemaker series.”

“The son of Auggie Smith (Scorpion’s Robert Patrick), Christopher Smith is not an evil person, he’s just a bad guy,” James Gunn said. “Peacemaker seems sort of irredeemable in the film. But I think that there’s more to him. We didn’t get a chance to know him [in The Suicide Squad] in the way we get to know some of the other characters. And so that’s what the whole show is about. I needed eight episodes to do it, at least.”

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