James Gunn Talks About John Cena Invisible Jokes
John Cena Stars In James Gunn’s Peacemaker(Pic Credit: WWE Still, IMDb)

John Cena has successfully dominated two of the biggest arenas in the west and marked his niche in both. First, the wrestling ring where the star was actually born and later Hollywood where he is right now experimenting and finding his feat. Right now he is making all the possible headlines for playing the titular character in James Gunn’s one of its kind DCEU show Peacemaker. But looks like the popular filmmaker is kind of done with a thing about the Fast & Furious fame.


James Gunn is not someone who is known for mincing his words. The filmmaker is quite active on Twitter and never refrains from answering fan questions. Most recently when he was asked about the viral John Cena’s I am invisible jokes, he couldn’t hold back but express how done he is with them. Read on to know everything you should about the same.


If you are somehow unaware, John Cena during his WWE days was known for his style. With his moves and punches that landed just right, what was also famous was his “You Can’t See Me” taunt that he said with the signature move. Cena used to wave his hand repeatedly in front of his eye while saying the taunt. While it soon became his identity, it also gave birth to joke fodder. John Cena Invisible Memes is a genre and a legit one.

Giving his opinion on it now is James Gunn who is not keen on seeing the John Cena memes anymore. Replying to a Twitterati who spoke about the meme, Gunn said, “Definitely not. If I never hear another John Cena invisible joke I’ll be happy.” Catch the tweet below.

Meanwhile, Peacemaker is having a successful run on HBO Max as we speak. Starring John Cena, the show has impressed the audience and the critics in the west. Stay tuned to Koimoi for more information.

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