Jimmy Kimmel SLAMS Donald Trump's Cancel Culture & Explains Why This Isn't The America He Wants To Live In
Jimmy Kimmel SLAMS Donald Trump’s Cancel Culture & Explains Why This Isn’t The America He Wants To Live In (Photo Credit – Jimmy Kimmel/Instagram, Donald Trump/Facebook)

Recently several celebrities found themselves as the subjects of public criticism for inappropriate behaviour due to the racial tension in America. And late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel was among those celebs who received backlash for their past actions.

However, the comedian and talk show host issued a long statement apologizing for these past blackface sketches. Although it was a long time ago, he explained his reluctance to address it because of some issues, which he had explained it in the statement.



Jimmy Kimmel had also explained what went into that decision to issue that long apology in a recent interview with The Daily Beast. He said, “What went into that decision is just more than anything, just telling the truth, that it is embarrassing to me. And also, I questioned the intentions of most of those who were complaining about it.”

The comedian also explained where these racial tensions are coming from. He said, “I know where it was coming from. It was coming from Donald Trump Jr.’s of the world, people who do a tremendous amount of damage to this country in order to elevate themselves and to make themselves famous and to make money. And it just seemed like things were taken out of context and I wanted to put them back into context and move past it.”

Jimmy Kimmel during the interview also talked about the prevailing cancel culture in America. He also shared a piece of his mind about Donald Trump’s attempt to cancel Fox News reporters or companies that he doesn’t like.

“Well, I think it’s unfortunate that that has become something they can grab onto, because I know that’s not something that is particular to the right side of the aisle. I think a lot of people feel like this cancel culture goes too far and that there’s just no room for an apology anymore, that everybody is constantly digging through your trash,” he said.

“And that it’s not particularly beneficial as far as a functioning society goes. But I do think it’s unfortunate, because (Trump) is able to grab onto that and to use it as a tool. But most of that has nothing to do with politics. We’ve now blurred the line between candidates and comedians and they are very different and should be treated differently. And it does bother me that there are comedians who go into a club that might be fearful about saying something that runs afoul of the political-correctness police,” Kimmel added.

And he concluded by saying, “Because you have to be able to say the wrong things to figure out what the right things are and to speak the truth. That kind of self-censorship is dangerous. And I don’t think we even know that it’s happening when it happens. I mean, who wants to go into a comedy club where everyone’s being careful? That’s not the America I want to live in.”

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