Ben Affleck Gets Botox Done, Insider Claims Jennifer Lopez Has Something To Do With It
Ben Affleck & Jennifer Lopez Have Been In The Headlines For Multiple Reasons Lately(Photo Credit –Instagram)

It is a given now that every single move that the rekindled couple Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck take is going to make the headlines. The couple, who reconciled two decades after parting ways, have refused to fade from the mainstream news ever since. The wedding, birthdays, honeymoons, trips, shoots, and alleged trouble in the paradise, everything has been reported about extensively. While the most recent reports of them planning to renew their vows in their new home are still fresh, the latest says that JLo has now made the Batman opt for Botox.

Ben and JLo have been now married for a year and the couple never fails to be in the spotlight for multiple reasons. The headlines in the recent past have spoken about his Lopez is image conscious and how she has been making attempts to polish Affleck’s looks ever since they have reconciled. But the latest reports have a drastic update to offer.

It is now being said that Ben Affleck has got Botox done on his face, and that have left him in distress because of the limitations that come post the process. The reports say that this is done to look young, just like his wife Jennifer Lopez and he was hating for old and tired he had started to look. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.

“He had Botox injections in his forehead, between his eyebrows, in his crow’s-feet and even in his lower face next to his mouth to give it a subtle lift,” said an insider as per OK Magazine. “The truth is, he hated how old and tired he started to look.”

While the Botox and enhancements are supposed to make him look younger and handsome, they have left him in distress too. The source claimed “It’s got to be killing him that he looks so stiff-faced and swollen.”

The insider further goes on to say that people are speculating that Jennifer Lopez had something to do with Ben Affleck’s decision to opt for Botox. “She’s so image-conscious and always after him to straighten up and look well-groomed. Ever since they got back together, Jennifer has been trying to help Ben polish his looks,” said the source.

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