Why Jennette McCurdy walked away from acting
Jennette McCurdy Shares The Reason Of Quitting Acting (Photo Credit – Instagram)

Actress Jennette McCurdy, who quit stardom a while ago, says that she was not happy with life as an actress and was not fond of the roles she did.

“I was a famous 19-year-old and making a bunch of money, and I felt like I had everything at my fingertips. But I was deeply unhappy, and I actually really resented my life because I didn’t like the projects that I was a part of,” she said on “Empty Inside” podcast, reported eonline.com.



McCurdy, who was known for her show “iCarly”, added that she was aware that children loved watching her on-screen. However, she was not able to identify herself with the roles she played.

“It’s a difficult thing to say because the shows that I was on were so loved by so many people and so many kids, and I hear constantly, ‘You made my childhood.’ And I think that’s great that they had that experience. But that just was not my experience, and I felt a lot of shame-that I wasn’t able to identify at the time because I didn’t like waltzing onto an over-lit, cheesy set and shouting a line. It felt so pointless and shallow,” she said.

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