Burt Reynolds, the mustachioed megastar who first strutted on screen more than half a century ago, has died, according to his agent. He was 82.


The Michigan native, whose easy-going charms and handsome looks drew prominent roles in films such as Smokey and the Bandi & Boogie Nights, suffered a cardiac arrest on Thursday, CNN quoted the veteran actor’s agent Todd Eisner as saying.

Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds dead
Hollywood Legend Burt Reynolds Passes Away At 82

An iconic Hollywood sex symbol in front of the camera, Reynolds also tried his directorial hand behind it, and later earned a reputation for philanthropy after founding the Burt Reynolds Institute for Film and Theatre in Florida.

His roles over the years ranged and pivoted from Southern heart throb to tough guy to comedy, notably in his role as Rep. David Dilbeck in the 1996 film Striptease, which flopped at the box office but earned him widespread praise for his comedic prowess.


But it was John Boorman’s 1972 thriller Deliverance, which cast Reynolds as outdoors man Lewis Medlock, that is widely credited for launching his early career.

Reynolds made an acting resurgence in recent years, appearing in numerous films and TV shows.

He was cast in the upcoming Quentin Tarantino-directed Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, scheduled for release next year.

Reynolds had not yet started shooting his appearance in the film.




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