From Sharing Their Excitement To Disappointment & What They Want To See, Harry Potter Fans React To The News Of An Upcoming TV Series
Netizens Have Mixed Responses To Harry Potter Having A TV Series(Pic Credit: IMDb)

Our favourite childhood/adulthood book series and movie franchise, Harry Potter is reportedly soon coming to TV. As per recent reports, a live-action TV series of the books and film franchise is in early development at HBO Max. With this news making its way online, HP fans have a lot to say.


From expressing their happiness to even their disappointment, fans even took to social media and shared some stories they would love to see. So what all did they write? Well, scroll down and have a look.

Reacting to Harry Potter making its way to TV, one user wrote, “Very excited to hear about the possibility of a #HarryPotter series in the works. I think there are so many more stories worth telling in the Wizarding World #JKRowling created!” Another commented, “There are so many stories that can be told within the wizarding world. Can’t wait to see what they do in #HarryPotter TV series! I’m mega excited!”


A third user commented on the I ‘in early development’ Harry Potter TV series writing. “The only #HarryPotter prequel series I want to see is the struggle between two sects of Wizards; The hardcore traditionalists who poop on the floor and vanish it, and the ones trying to install toilets.”

Sharing what they wish to be shown in this upcoming TV series, a netizen wrote, “I am open to any and all #HarryPotter content but what I really WANT is a #Marauders prequel … let me see James, Sirius, Remus and Peter in school, younger #dumbledore, introduce some new characters, etc.” Another shared, “Set it 10 years after. It’s a show about a new Auror being trained by a seasoned one. Detective magic show. Harry Potter is only mentioned by a legend (throw in a cameo later idc). Bring in Hogwarts for a final couple of episodes, as the trail leads there. Please.”

A third Twitter revealed how they would like the Harry Potter TV series to pan out by writing, “Another HP? I kind of wish they’d just leave the fandom for at least 10 more years. Movies WB made were pretty mediocre in terms of narrative and acting as well. Although something like His Dark Materials can work. Pro Tip: Make it for adults! #HarryPotter”

A user tweeted against having a Harry Potter TV series writing, “NO NO NO NO Anything but that. Make a movie for Marauders or for the 4 founders of Hogwarts,not that. We have movies,books and #FantasticBeasts. #HarryPotter” Another wrote, “@warnerbros @HarryPotterFilm @HBO all I’m asking for is a prequel to the HP films focusing on Lily & James & the gang & Snape during their 7 years at Hogwarts leading up to the infamous Voldemort attack. Don’t mess this up Angry faceHugging face #HarryPotter #WarnerBros #HBOMax”

What are your thoughts on Harry Potter being made into a live-action TV series? Let us know in the comments.

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