Game Of Thrones Shared Universe In The Making At HBO – Reports
Game Of Thrones Shared Universe In Works At HBO?(Pic Credit: IMDb)

Considering the popularity and demand amid the fans for Game Of Thrones even after 2 years of its conclusion is very much a clue for the studio to make more of it. The show that made its way to HBO almost a decade ago managed to transcend borders and make a fanbase across the globe. Now if the latest update is to go by HBO is planning to create a shared universe of the Westeros, and there is too much of Ice and Fire waiting for us on the other end. Read on to know everything you should know about the same.


There has been quite an exciting wave around the Game Of Thrones universe with a few shows about the same in works. The most anticipated of all is House Of The Dragon that is in production at HBO and has caught the frenzy already. Amid that is also an animated show that traces the evolution of Westeros. Adding to these is the exciting report today.


As per we got this covered the bosses at HBO seem to have figured out a way to treat the Game Of Thrones fans. If the recent gossip is to go by, the studio is planning to create a shared universe with GOT. The different projects and shows will tap different points and timelines un the main timeline that was shown in the 8-season HBO show that concluded in 2019.

If Daniel Richtman is to be believed, HBO has taken inspiration from Disney Plus’ The Mandalorian that has tapped a character from the Star Wars. It doesn’t come in as a surprise looking at the number of projects in development around the Song Of Ice & Fire. While Naomi Watts starrer Bloodmoon gets a red flag from the studio, it was replaced by House Of The Dragon in no time. The series that is planned to hit screens in 2022, stars Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke and more.

Not just that, George RR Martin, who remains the common thread between all, is also working on the animated show. Not just that his novellas Tales of Dunk and Egg is also in production at HBO. It looks like the game has just begun and we cannot wait to see how it unveils.

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