Game Of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Is 'BACK To Westeros' & 'Winds Of Winter' Is Coming!
Game Of Thrones Author George R.R. Martin Is ‘BACK To Westeros’ & ‘Winds Of Winter’ Is Coming!

Late last month, when Game Of Thrones creator George R.R. Martin missed the deadline for launching The Winds Of Winter, fans were upset. So to so, they were ready to lock him up in a cabin as he had given his word. But as per the latest update and confirmed by Martin, he is adamant in finishing the book and is now working rigorously in getting it done and release for the anticipating fans. Below is what the author has to say.


A quick recap, the next book in line in The Song Of Ice And Fire franchise is The Winds Of Winter. George R.R. Martin had promised his fans that he will be releasing the book before the World Con 2020. He even said that, if he fails to do so, fans can lock him up in a cabin. The event was on July 29 this year (stood cancelled due to the ongoing pandemic).


Now after missing the deadline, and fans planning to lock him up, George R.R. Martin has now announced that he is back in Westeros. Taking to his blog, the author wrote, “I am back in my fortress of solitude again, my isolated mountain cabin. Which means I am back in Westeros again, once more moving ahead with WINDS OF WINTER.”

As per the blog, George R.R. Martin has been living in an isolated mountain cabin. He also has a revolving staff of assistants. An excerpt from the blog read, “My life up here is very boring, it must be said,” he wrote. “Truth be told, I hardly can be said to have a life. I have one assistant with me at all times (minions, I call them). The assistants do two-week shifts and have to stay in quarantine at home before starting a shift. Everyone morning I wake up and go straight to the computer, where my minion brings me a coffee (I am utterly useless and incoherent without my morning coffee) and juice, and sometimes a light breakfast.”

George R.R. Martin added, “Then I start to write. Sometimes I stay at it until dark. Other days I break off in the late afternoon to answer emails or return urgent phone calls. My assistant brings me food and drinks from time to time. When I finally break off for the day, usually around sunset, there’s dinner. Then we watch television or screen a movie. The wi-fi sucks up on the mountain, though, so the choices are limited. Some nights I read instead. I always read a bit before going to sleep; when a book really grabs hold of me, I may read half the night, but that’s rare.”

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