How Disney's Frozen Helped A Researcher Solve An Unsolved 62-Year-Old Case
What Happened In 1959 Seems To Be Getting Solved Now Thanks To Disney’s Frozen (Photo Credit: IMDb)

Real-life incidents have inspired so many films all over the globe but sometimes even films inspire real-life incidents. That’s not it, cinema also keeps the potential of solving age-old unsolved mysteries and Disney’s animation film Frozen has done something similar.

Frozen has helped a researcher crack a 62-year-old Dyatlov Pass incident. In a long Twitter thread, the researcher named Dr Robin George Andrews has explained the details of the case which was a source of several conspiracy theories once.


“Buckle up, everyone, this story is *wild*. The 62-year-old Dyatlov Pass mystery, in which nine students died at the hands of an unknown force, has likely been solved thanks to the movie Frozen and gruesome car crash experiments.” he started the explanation by tweeting this.


But before explaining the solution, let us tell you about the case which has been explained by the researcher also. It so happened that in 1959, a group of students and their instructor went to the Ural Mountains for a mountaineer expedition. Something extremely terrible happened there and all of them died a gruesome death.

After a snowstorm, their bodies were found in a very bad and devastating state. This led to a lot of conspiracy theories and people suggested it was a cause of some unknown force like alien, yeti etc.

Then in 2019 when Russia re-opened the case, the cause was suggested to be an Avalanche. But nobody believed it because the injuries were so gruesome that people couldn’t believe an avalanche can cause it.

But Dr Robin George seems to have an explanation now after watching the animated film Frozen. He adds, “This is where things get extremely bizarre. How could such a small collapse have caused such traumatic injuries? For that, the team turned to the movie Frozen. Yes, that movie. 13/x”.

“A few years back, Gaume was struck by how well the movement of snow was depicted in the 2013 Disney movie Frozen—so impressed, in fact, that he decided to ask its animators how they pulled it off. He ended up going to Hollywood to chat to them. 14/x”

Further explaining the case and how it was an avalanche which was the true case he adds-

However, he adds that the case is still not completely solved and some parts of the film Frozen like the weird radioactivity remain puzzling.

The thread continues with more tweets.

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