Iconic Queen frontman Freddie Mercury had once boasted about his “enormous sex drive”, and how he would “go to bed with anything”.


The late Mercury looked to push the boundaries when it came to bedroom antics and would go to extremes to satisfy his desires. After dating Mary Austin for five years, once they had split, the rockstar absolutely did not hold back while hunting for carnal pleasure, reports “mirror.co.uk”.

Freddie Mercury's 'enormous sex drive' revealed in new book
Freddie Mercury’s ‘Enormous Sex Drive’ Revealed In New Book

The British singer-songwriter passed away on November 24, 1991, at the age of 45. He was suffering from AIDS at the time of death.

Facts about Mercury’s sexual drive come to fore in a book, “Freddie Mercury: A life, In His Own Words”, complied and edited by Greg Brooks and Simon Lupton. The book has a foreword by Mercury’s mother Jer Bulsara, and is being billed by critics as the nearest thing to being the late singer’s autobiography. It is a witty, moving and often irreverent collection of quotes by Mercury and interview transcripts of the man himself.


The revelation of his love life comes in a highlight interview featured in the boook. “I’ve had a lot of lovers, of course… both male and female. I’ve tried relationships on either side, but my affairs never seem to last. All of them went wrong,” Maercury revealed.

He said that he reached a point in life where he was “living for sex” and wasn’t too worried where he could satisfy his demands.

The performer added: “My sex drive is enormous. I sleep with men, women, cats – you name it. I’ll go to bed with anything! My bed is so huge it can comfortably sleep six. I prefer my sex without any involvement and there were times when I was extremely promiscuous.”

Mercury said that sex was like an addiction.

“I used to be just an old slag who got up every morning, scratched his head, and wondered who he wanted to f*** today. I just lived for sex. I’m a very sexual person but I’m much more choosy now than I used to be.”

It would seem that Freddie thought that he was “dangerous lover” and once referred to the notion of love and sex as “Russian Roulette.”

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