Fleabag: Loved The 'Kneel' Scene Between Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Andrew Scott? This Fact About It Will Surprise You
Fleabag: Loved The ‘Kneel’ Scene Between Phoebe Waller-Bridge & Andrew Scott? This Fact About It Will Surprise You (Pic credit: bbcfleabag/Instagram)

There are many reasons to love Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott’s Fleabag. One of the reasons being the Hot Priest. Who can forget Andrew making us swoon over his hotness and charisma in the second season?

Everyone loved Phoebe and Andrew’s chemistry in the show. The series was a dark comedy, but several scenes hit home. The show made us laugh, cry and left us amused several times. It gave us a great combination of brilliant story and well-written characters. But one thing all Fleabag fans will never forget is the ‘KNEEL’ scene.



This Kneel scene featuring Phoebe Waller-Bridge and Andrew Scott is quite emotional. But it has managed to turn on a lot of people. If you are wondering why you must have not paid full attention! It’s an emotional scene where Fleabag talks about her desires and fears to the hot Priest in the church. But what happens next is AMAZING. Last year, the Sherlock star revealed an interesting fact about it. This revelation will change the way you look at the scene next time.

Firstly, it is not called as the kneel scene. Andrew Scott himself cleared this in his interaction with GQ Magazine. The Fleabag actor said that it’s a ‘confessional’ scene. Well, that makes sense. It is shot in a church. Phoebe’s character is confessing to the Priest. No one expected that twist after Phoebe’s emotional speech. Also, Andrew is aware of people’s perception of this particular sequence.

About shooting the scene inside a church, the actor shared, “[It] feels quite sacrilegious, with everyone’s sandwiches and lights and things. It felt quite shocking. They’re both in quite a vulnerable position. It’s amazing how much it sort of turned people on, and turned people off, and made people talk.”

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