Fight Club: When Brad Pitt, Edward Norton & David Fincher Read Negative Reviews While Accepting An Award; WATCH
Fight Club: When Brad Pitt, Edward Norton & David Fincher Read Negative Reviews While Accepting An Award; WATCH (Photo Credit – IMDB)

A lot of movies released during the 90s are classic. David Dincher’s Fight Club, starring Brad Pitt, Edward Norton and Helena Bonham Carter is one such movie. The film completed 21 years of its release this year. However, a lot of them are discovering it now and are blown away with the fact that how relevant it stands even today.

Back in 1999 when it released, people called Fight Club way ahead of its time. While the audience couldn’t stop raving about David Fincher’s film, there were a lot of critics who were not impressed with it. But when the film won an award, Brad and Edward along with Fincher gave it back in style.

During one of the award shows, Fight Club actors Brad Pitt and Edward Norton along with David Fincher were accepting the award for Fight Club. However, they used this opportunity to give it back to critics who gave negative reviews for the film. Edward started saying “We kind of knew that an award like this was in our future. Especially after we read the reviews of our movies like these ones.”

David Fincher reads the first negative review that reads, “A load of rancid, depressing swill from start to finish – Rax Reed, The New York Observer”.

Brad Pitt reads the next negative review of Fight Club, “A witless mishmash of whiny, infantile, philosophizing and bone-crushing violence – Kenneth Turan, LA Times”.

Edward Norton also reads, “The most cheerfully fascist film since Death Wish. It’s macho p*rn is the s*x movie Hollywood has been moving toward for years. That was Roger Ebert of the Chicago Sun-Times”. Brad’s reaction to this is hilarious. There are more such bad reviews the trio reads on the stage and the audience keeps cheering for them.

By the end of the video, we get to see Edward Norton discussing with David Fincher and Brad Pitt about how Tyler Durden will accept the award. Norton ends the video in Tyler’s style that would make you watch the film again!

Watch the video below:

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