Fact-O-Meter: Remember Brad Pitt-Edward Norton's Famous Bar Scene In Fight Club? It Took 38 Takes To Get It Right(Pic credit: YouTube)
Fact-O-Meter: Remember Brad Pitt-Edward Norton’s Famous Bar Scene In Fight Club? It Took 38 Takes To Get It Right(Pic credit: YouTube)

It’s more than two decades since release, but Edward Norton-Brad Pitt’s Fight Club still holds its magic. As a viewer, every time you watch this film, you are enlightened by an unexplored meaning of the scene. One could say, the subject was really a risky one but David Fincher, man you just nailed it!


Whenever such a complex subject has to be presented, the director has to be double sure about his perspective on each scene. Speaking about Fight Club, even though the film wasn’t a big commercial success, David Fincher managed to pull off the “once in a lifetime work”. Leaving apart the direction skills, David had invested the belief in his actors- Brad and Edward, which eventually got paid off.


One such interesting anecdote traces to the conversation scene between Brad Pitt and Edward Norton. Yes, Lou’s bar scene. During the whole conversation, Brad spilt some hard-hitting, philosophical lines. That particular scene is amongst the most iconic ones from the film. But what if we say that most of the dialogues were improvised by the actors? Surprising, isn’t it?

Yes, David Fincher used to give just a rough idea to both Edward and Brad. Same was prompted for the bar scene. In total, 38 takes were shot and in the final cut, segments from several takes were combined. Most interestingly, Brad ad-libbed his lines on the set itself, as per IMDb.

Meanwhile, made at an approximate budget of $63 million, Fight Club earned $101 million in the theatrical run. The film gained cult status upon its home media release.

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