Dwayne Johnson Turns Santa Claus & George Clooney Turns Weatherman For John Krasinski's 'Some Good News'
John Krasinki Returns To Some Good News With Christmas Special Featuring Dwayne Johnson & George Clooney (Pic credit – Getty Images / John Krasinki / Dwayne Johnson / George Clooney )

Early this year, John Krasinski created a pseudo-news show called Some Good News to bring positive news when the pandemic struck the world. However, after eight episodes and a few short clips, the actor sold the YouTube show to ViacomCBS. Now Krasinski popped back for a special holiday episode and joined hands with Dwayne Johnson.

Interestingly, The Rock appeared as a Santa Claus or what he prefers to be called as “Dwanta Claus” to deliver some thoughtful and heartwarming gift to a fan. The Office star also invited George Clooney to give the weather update.

Clooney, in the video, looks up to analyze the weather and quips, “Looks good. Looks pretty good.” Dwayne Johnson appeared in the final segment called Parents That Rock, wherein a widowed father, Jay Abel was invited. The fan was reportedly selling his collection of comic book merch in order to afford Christmas presents for his kids.

Moved by the fan’s story, John Krasinki said, “I think your story is my favourite story this holiday season. It is just like super dad stuff.” Johnson also spoke to the fan and offered to help and asked him to take the stuff off of eBay. The wrestler-turned-actor also said, “I thought Dwanta Clause can do better than a retweet. I want you to take all of your stuff off of eBay because Dwanta Clause is going to take care of all of that stuff, man.”

Dwayne Johnson‘s sweet gesture also surprised the fan. And if this wasn’t enough, the actor who will begin shooting for Black Adam next year, said, “We’ll show you around, give you a whole bunch of cool DC swag. Because I know that you are a big collector of comic book memorabilia, I got a little something special cooking up for you. Your story is an inspiration. You are an inspiration. Not only to myself, to Dwanta Clause, but certainly to John, certainly to everybody who hears your story. You represent so many parents around the world who are going through the struggle this Christmas.”

Watch the episode below:

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