Rihanna & Eminem Were Being Eyed At For Roles In Mad Max: Fury Road By The Movie's Director
Rihanna & Eminem Were Being Considered For Mad Max: Fury Road(Pic Credit: Poster, Instagram/badgalriri)

Eminem and Rihanna could have been in George Miller’s Mad Max: Fury Road! Starring Tom Hardy as Max Rockatansky, it is one of the best post-apocalyptic films with crazy action sequences. Even though it didn’t do well at the box office upon its release, the critics and the audience loved it.

The movie also won several accolades, including 6 Oscars out of ten nominations in 2016. Tom and Charlize Theron, who played the role of Imperator Furiosa, both received heavy praise for their performances. Now, it has been six years since the film came out, and a lot of secrets in a new book are being revealed.



Written by the actor Kyle Buchanan, the book Blood, Sweat & Chrome: The Wild and True Story of Mad Max: Fury Road has revealed two new names who could have been in the Tom Hardy and Charlize Theron starrer. A passage from the book shared by Vulture tells how Rihanna and Eminem were being considered for roles in the movie.

“Usually, actors turn up dressed very casually, but boy, she looked spectacular when she walked in,” George Miller said in the book while recounting about the time Riri showed up for the audition. “I’m not sure she was even aware of the content of the movie, so she dressed up as Rihanna, which was the right thing to do.” While for Eminem, it was revealed that they were interested after seeing him in his film 8 Mile.

“We did get in touch with him, though that’s as far as it went because we were going to shoot it in Australia at that point, and he simply didn’t want to leave home,” Miller said. “I think he had the impression that if he could do it out of his home state, then he’d be up for it,” he added.

It turns out that it wasn’t just Rihanna and Eminem who were being considered for roles in Mad Max: Fury Road. Brad Pitt, Angelina Jolie, Margot Robbie, and Jennifer Lawrence were also looked at for some part or the other.

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