Did You Know? For The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy Had A 'Pancake' Makeup - [Fact-O-Meter]
Did You Know? For The Dark Knight Rises, Tom Hardy Had A ‘Pancake’ Makeup – [Fact-O-Meter] (Pic credit: thestudioexec.com)

Each time Christopher Nolan comes with a film, we expect it to be cinematic brilliance. Same happened when he ended his legendary, The Dark Knight trilogy with The Dark Knight Rises. Featuring Christian Bale and Tom Hardy’s face-off, the film sealed a perfect ending for Batman fans.

After a remarkable critical and commercial success of The Dark Knight, expectations were really sky-high. Especially, there was a need to match the bar set by the performance of Heath Ledger as Joker. Tom as brutal Bane, did his best to end the trilogy on a special note.



Apart from getting under the skin of Bane mentally, Tom Hardy even went through a drastic physical transformation for The Dark Knight Rises. Not just bulking but the actor even had to go through a strange makeup routine. Bane is bald, he dons a vest or coat all the time, so wondering where the makeup team had a task? Well, it’s Tom’s tattoos.

Most of the readers would be aware of those s*xy tattoos of Tom Hardy, which was hidden while shooting The Dark Knight Rises. While the CGI work was used during the film, the pancake makeup did come in handy. Yes, pancakes were applied on Tom’s chest and arms to cover up those tattoos. Interesting, isn’t it?

Meanwhile, Tom once revealed that his character’s voice was inspired by the late actor, Richard Burton. “Bane is somebody who’s in tremendous pain all the time. So he had an older voice. Which is sort of Richard Burton, I suppose, you know. Slightly florid, camp English villain … in many ways, but just off-centre,” Hardy quotes as per The Dark Knight Rises’ blu-ray special additions.

Tom Hardy further added that Bane needed a Latin touch as the character’s origins are rooted in South America prison. He confessed of taking inspiration from traveller and bare-knuckle boxing champion, Bartley Gorman. “Taking that into mind, I looked at original Latin … sort of Romany Gypsy. And there was a character, Bartley Gorman … the bare-knuckle fighter, and that’s where the accent comes from that I use in the film,” the actor adds further.

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