Deadpool & Wolverine Teaser Out- Here's How The Fans Are Reacting!
Deadpool & Wolverine Teaser Out! (Picture Credit: YouTube)

Deadpool 3 teaser finally arrived on Sunday, Feb 11, and has left us excited and anticipating its theatrical release. The film’s title has been revealed, and it is Deadpool & Wolverine. We saw a few glances at Wade Wilson’s life after the events of the second movie, and there were a few old faces, too. Ryan Reynolds is back with his sass, and this time, the fun is double with Hugh Jackman returning as Logan.

Both Ryan led Marvel films to exceptional business at the box office, and with this movie, Wade will become canon to the MCU. The first two movies were r rated, and the third was under Disney; people are worried it might harm it because of Disney’s strict policies. Nevertheless, the tease trailer looks good, and people have long waited for it.

A new poster for the movie Deadpool and Wolverine has also been posted on Marvel’s official Twitter pages, and the lead star, Ryan Reynolds, also shared the film’s teaser. The teaser is two minutes and twenty-five minutes long, and it opens with Wade surrounded by his friends, celebrating his birthday. His partner Vanessa, played by Morena Baccarin, is there along with Blind Al [played by Leslie Uggams], and his X Force members are also there with him when the doorbell rings and TVA members arrive to capture him.

As mentioned in our previous stories, Deadpool might have fiddled with Cable’s time-traveling machine explaining Vanessa being alive, whom we saw died in the second part. As the teaser progresses, we see him get into action, and several easter eggs from the MCU films are also included in it. In the first few seconds of the teaser, Ryan’s Character unabashedly refers to him as the ‘Marvel Jesus, ‘ which has struck a chord with the fans.

Succession star Matthew Macfayden allegedly plays the role of Mr. Paradox, and we see him take DP to the monitor room in TVA’s headquarters, where we can see Iron Man, Hulk, and Captain America as Wade salutes Cap, which is a reference to his affinity for Steve from the comics. Another sequence mainly featured the place from Avengers: Age of Ultron’s opening scene, and Marvel is soaking Wade into the main universe, which is evident in this teaser.

There is also a sequence in Deadpool & Wolverine, which is likely the Void from the series Loki, and we can see the shadow of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine there. Meanwhile, Marvel has not revealed Hugh’s role in this teaser, which is a good thing as it will retain the fans’ excitement for the main trailer.

What do the netizens think about Deadpool & Wolverine’s Teaser?

The trailer showcased a lot of action but did not really reveal much, and the fans appreciated it.

One of the users wrote, “Omg you got us excited without really ruining anything!! I’m soo in!! Thank you Marvel Jesus.”

Another said, “a marvel movie I’m actually interested in seeing in a long time.”

One quipped, “Hello Marvel Jesus.”

“That Marvel Jesus joke may be more than a joke. I can imagine Deadpool reviving the MCU,” added one.

One stated, “Deadpool realizing he’s bringing Marvel back to life is groundbreaking.”

Someone explained, “Very tastefully done, not spoilery like other marvel trailers. I feel like we barely saw anything for this masterpiece.”

And, “Omg this looks amazing and I’ve been waiting for this forever.”

Check out the trailer here:

Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman led Deadpool & Wolverine, which will be out on July 26.

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