DC Trivia #24: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Could've Been A Part Of Marvel But THIS Happened
DC Trivia #24: Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern Could’ve Been A Part Of Marvel But THIS Happened

DC Trivia #24: When it comes to the world of comics and superhero films, DC and Marvel have been dominating it for years now. But did you know, back in the day, there was a time when DC almost lost all of their major superheroes to Marvel? The deal, of course, was scathed due to various reasons.

There have been a series of comics named as Amalgam Comics in which we’ve seen superheroes from both Marvel and DC universal together. But, the trivia of DC comics selling their superheroes is something every fan from both sides should be aware of. Can you imagine superheroes like Superman, Batman & Wonder Woman in Marvel? What would’ve happened?



According to a trivia published in ScreenRant, “In 1984, Marvel dominated the comic book market and DC was struggling to make a profit. According to Jim Shooter, one of Marvel’s most controversial editors, they missed out on a chance to own some of the biggest names in the DC line-up because Jim Galton, Marvel’s President at the time, rejected DC’s offer to buy Superman, Wonder Woman, Batman, Green Lantern, and other heroes. Allegedly, in Galton’s opinion, DC must not have been doing well with sales because ‘those characters must not be any good.'”

It also says, “Shooter claimed on his blog that he prepared a publishing plan to convince Galton that Marvel could do much better than DC with the characters. Others at Marvel were also excited about the prospect of taking over some of DC’s most popular titles. A full cover for Superman: 1st Marvel Issue! was even created by artist, John Byrne.”

It adds, “Ultimately, the deal fell through because Marvel was plagued with an anti-trust lawsuit by First Comics. And the last thing they needed in the midst of anti-trust allegations was to be seen as ‘devouring their largest competition.'”

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