DC Trivia #23: When 'Joker' Joaquin Phoenix Told Robert De Niro, "There's NO Fu**ing Way I'm Doing..."
DC Trivia #23: When ‘Joker’ Joaquin Phoenix Told Robert De Niro, “There’s NO Fu**ing Way I’m Doing…”

DC Trivia #23: Okay, let’s agree DC has Batman & Joker to be the centre of attraction to many interesting trivia. Plus having two legendary performances by Heath Ledger & Joaquin Phoenix makes the Clown Prince Of Gotham even more intriguing.

Given the stature of Joaquin Phoenix and the levels he has surpassed with his spellbinding performances, there has to be a whole lot of ‘masala’ behind them. We bring you once such incident in which Joaquin Phoenix ‘clashed’ with the legendary Robert De Niro over a certain issue. Read further to know more!



In an article published on GQ, it’s been said Joaquin Phoenix got in a disagreement with Robert De Niro because he didn’t want to rehearse. The article reads, “It’s why, for instance, he mostly refuses to rehearse, because to rehearse is to know and to feel secure, and Phoenix revels in the anxiety of not knowing. It’s why he also hates read-throughs, something that became a problem on the set of Joker, as his costar Robert De Niro demands them.”

It also adds, “De Niro even called director Todd Phillips to demand that Phoenix show up: ‘Tell him he’s an actor and he’s got to be there,’ De Niro told Phillips. ‘I like to hear the whole movie and we’re going to all get in a room and just read it.’ Phoenix, meanwhile, was adamant, telling Phillips, ‘There’s no fu**kng way I’m doing a read-through.'”

Well, artists are meant to have different ways to rehearse their art, and it’s interesting to see someone like Joaquin Phoenix and Robert De Niro defending their own ways to do so. What are your thoughts about the same? Share it in the comments’ section below.

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