Daniel Craig Reveals The Physical Toll Of Playing James Bond Led To Him Almost Quitting After Spectre
Daniel Craig Revealed He Saw No Point In Continuing His Role As James Bond After Spectre(Photo Credit: wikimedia/Imdb)

Daniel Craig almost quit James Bond after the 2015 film Spectre. The internet is buzzing with Craig’s name as his fifth and final time film as 007 was premiered recently. No Time to Die has been doing phenomenally well at the box office and is being considered as the best final hurrah for the actor. Craig has been the secret spy for fifteen years, starting from Casino Royale.

It has been quite a journey for the actor who has admitted to not knowing how to handle the popularity garnered by the franchise. Now that the actor is done and dusted with the role, he is looking back at his time as Bond and has opened up about the same.



Daniel Craig has revealed that he was about to leave the iconic role behind right after his 2015 film Spectre. Craig talks about how he felt that he has become too old for James Bond as well as the several injuries and accidents he met with during the filming of the movie. “I’ve always tried to be honest about my feelings. When I started doing Bond, I threw myself into it and was as physical as I possibly could be. I felt like that was really important – that’s who I wanted my Bond to be,” he says.

Daniel Craig added, “I wanted people to believe it was me doing those stunts. However, after Spectre, I genuinely felt like I couldn’t do that anymore. I felt like, ‘What was the point?'” He continued, “Also, it’s at least a year out of my life away from home. And that is really tough on everybody. That call [to my wife], when I go, “Hi, I got injured, I’m going to the hospital,” is not a great phone call to make. I didn’t feel like I could do it anymore.”

The actor had hurt his knee during the early part of the James Bond film. It had left him with a knee brace which had to be erased in post-production. The actor has had several other injuries while shooting the rest of the 007 films like Quantum of Solace and Skyfall.

Even though he succumbed to several tears and wears, Daniel Craig’s commitment to the physicality of the role has paid off. His film No Time to Die is a testament to that.

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