Daft Punk Call It A Day! Heartbreaking Fans Mourn On Twitter
Daft Punk Call It A Day! Here’s How Heartbreaking Fans Are Mourning On Twitter (Photo Credit: YouTube/Daft Punk)

All the Daft Punk fans, this isn’t how you guys have imagined your 2021 to begin, but it has happened! The worshipped electronic music duo has announced the retirement. The duo of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo is separating to find their own ways.

With a video titled ‘Epilogue’, the duo has announced their break-up in the most emotional way the fans could take. In the video, we see the robotic avatars walking in a desert, giving their end a cinematic touch.

Watch the video here:

Here’s how the fans are reacting on Twitter:

“Reminder that Interstellar is not only a great showcase of Daft Punk’s music is also an amazingly animated film too.

God I’m gonna miss getting hype about hearing new songs from them #daftpunk”

28 Years.

12 Grammy Noms, 6 Wins.

4 Studio Albums.

2 Docs, 2 Movies

2 Live Albums.

1 Sound Track.

2 Robots.

1 #DaftPunk

😢 Very sad to hear about the break up of Daft Punk. They had a huge influence on our genre and the sound of our music. RIP 🙌 1993 – 2021 #daftpunk

Happy retirement to the best electronic producers ever thanks for the music and inspiration #daftpunk

daft punk are so fucking special man and ill always love their music . fairwell funky robots #qteaart #daftpunk

Knowing that Daft Punk broke up is probably the first time I’ve cried for a music group. Thank you for making great music for the past 20 years of my life. #daftpunk

Damn, RIP to the greatest French robots #DaftPunk

With Daft Punk announcing their retirement, let me remind everyone this is the greatest soundtrack album ever made. Thank you for your music #daftpunk #TronLegacy https://t.co/muU1HFcAsP

Daft Punk, you’ll be missed!

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