South Korea Passes A Bill Allowing BTS & Other Approved K-Pop Artist To Postpone Their Military Training(Pic credit: Getty Images)
BTS Members Can Now Delay Their Military Service As Country Passes New Bill(Pic credit: Getty Images)

Here’s some fantastic news for K-pop fans. As per a recent bill passed by the South Korean parliament, Grammy-nominated boy band, BTS can postpone their mandatory military service until the age of 30. Isn’t this amazing! Read on for more detail.


As per the country’s rule, all able-bodied South Korean men between the ages of 18 and 28 have to compulsory serve in the military for about two years. This is an effort made by the country to guard it against North Korea.


As reported, the amendment to the Military Service Act was designed to provide exceptions for K-pop megastars such as BTS. This was done as they with their popularity have improved the country’s cultural status and boost the economy. Earlier, no K-pop stars received such exemptions. But this new bill will ensure entertainers recommended by the culture minister can defer their service to age 30.

This is a sigh of relieve for BTS music lovers as the eldest member of the boy band is 27. Jin (the eldest of the seven) is nearing enlistment during a time when the group is conquering the music world. But they aren’t the first to be given exception.

South Korea allows eligible students to defer their duties up to age 28. The parliament has granted exemptions for high-profile classical musicians and athletes – who won Olympic medals or gold at the Asian Games – as well as Tottenham Hotspur’s forward Son Heung-min (footballer).

Said Jeon Yong-gi, who co-authored the bill, “Pop artists tend to make their highest achievements in their 20s but many of them had to pursue a graduate degree to delay their service.”

Earlier Jin and other band members have said they would fulfil their duties as required. Let wait and see how the groups and their fans respond to this news.

In other news, BTS recently earned a Grammy nomination. The group also has multiple mentions in Billboard list. According to Billboard, BTS is the first group to have two No 1 Hot 100 debut songs. Five other songs from the eight-track album ‘BE’ also feature in the Hot 100 chart. ‘Blue & Grey’ is on #13, ‘Stay’ on #22, ‘Fly To My Room’ on #69, ‘Telepathy’ on #70 and ‘Dis-ease’ on #72.

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