BTS Army ANNOYED At Jason Derulo Over Savage Love Remix: "You've Been Irrelevant For 10 Years"
BTS Army ANNOYED At Jason Derulo Over Savage Love Remix: “You’ve Been Irrelevant For 10 Years”(Pic credit – Jason Derulo/ Instagram; Getty Images )

When Jason Derulo gifted ‘Savage Love’ to his fans, they were quite happy, but when BTS collaborated with him on the same song, the craze for the song surpassed another level. Despite his fantastic attempt with Snoop Dogg in 2014’s Wiggle, Jason never had a number-one song in Billboard Hot 100 chart since his debut in 2009 (Whatcha Say) until now.

Yes, Savage Love was crowned as the number-one song in Billboard Hot 100, but BTS’ army isn’t happy from what the pop singer did after this. Jason celebrated this prestigious milestone, he went live on TikTok. That’s not even the problem; the issue is him not acknowledging BTS during the success party on TikTok. He captioned it as, “It’s a celebration @#savagelove @hannastocking @ondreazlopez @charlyjordan @itstaylerholder @justmaiko @sommeray @jena @mrmovi3.”

BTS Army was surely annoyed by this, and they took to their Twitter accounts slamming the singer for this. One such annoyed fan user said, “Jason derulo, you’ve been irrelevant for 10 years and then saying that you only began to respect bts when you saw the power of ther fandom??? is so wrong. but you’re right; we are powerful. You’ll never get a song on the charts again. this is so embarrassing.”

Another fan reminded him of why he is at the number one position after a decade, “Jason Derulo has forgotten about BTS! Wow The one who got Billboard #1 is Savage Love Remix Don’t forget that! You are at No.1 because of BTS! Congrats you’ve made it to army cancel list, REMEMBER sir BTS ate you up in your own song #JasonDeruloIsOverParty.”

Another BTS fan said,
“#JasonDeruloIsOverParty I feel so bad knowing that at some point the boys are gonna look on social media and find out that another western artist that they respected enough to collab with just screwed them over and used them and their fanbase for clout. breaks my heart #BTS.”

Check out some more angered fans’ reactions:

Jason Derulo & BTS’ ‘Savage Love’ remix also features producer Jawsh 685. Army, what do you think about this gesture by Jason? Do you think he should publically acknowledge this? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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