A Complete Guide To Bruce Willis's Detective Knight Trilogy Ahead Of Their OTT Release
A Complete Guide To Bruce Willis’s Detective Knight Trilogy Ahead Of Their OTT Release ( Photo Credit – PR Image )

Bruce Willis fans, it’s time for you to rejoice! The actor might have retired from the movies, but he has a lot in his arsenal to present to his fans. Willis’s action-thriller film trilogy, Detective Knight, is set to premiere exclusively on the Lionsgate Play this December. Before diving into Detective James Knight’s world, here’s a short guide for you.

Willis has been suffering from a form of dementia known as frontotemporal dementia, aka FTD. Last year in Marche, the actor announced his retirement from acting. Willis is known for films like Die Hard, Pulp Fiction, Armageddon, The Sixth Sense, and much more. Keep scrolling to get the deets.

Lionsgate Play is all set to mark the Christmas month with an action-packed gift for the ‘Die Hard’ fans of Bruce Willis. The Detective Knight trilogy will premiere on the streaming platform. If you are not caught up with the franchise yet, then do not worry. We’ve got you covered!

1. Who is Detective Knight? What is his story?

Bruce Willis plays a LAPD detective named James Knight, who hunts new criminals in each film. He has encountered miscreants ranging from robbers to violent fanatics, bombers, and others, and Knight is pretty good at his job.

2. What can you expect from the trilogy?

Detective Knight: Rogue

The first movie in the series, titled Detective Knight: Rogue, takes place around Halloween when a group of masked and armed robbers executes a heist, leading to a shootout. Bruce Willis’ Knight ends up losing his partner in the chaos. Knight hunts them down, and the rest shall be kept for you to watch.

Detective Knight: Redemption

The second film in the franchise is Detective Knight: Redemption. In the sequel, Bruce Willis loses his badge and gets mixed up during a jailbreak led by The Christmas Bomber. While the bomber’s disciple terrorize the city, Knight must take them out in order to get back his badge.

Detective Knight: Independence

The third film in the franchise came out in January this year, and in the final part of the action thriller, Bruce’s James Knight races against time. The film Detective Knight: Independence is about a rogue EMT worker posing as a cop, and Knight has to stop them from committing any crimes.

Director & Cast

Edward Drake has directed all three films. Drake has worked with the veteran actor on multiple projects. Speaking of his experience of working, Drake said, “Working with Mr. Willis on his final films was a tremendous honor. The bedrock of our relationship has always been trust in bringing the audience a ride they won’t forget while creating safe working environments for the cast and crew. I know we kept our promise on the latter, and time will tell about the former.”

Bruce Willis leads the cast along with Lochlyn Munro, Jimmy Jean-Louis, Alice Comer, Miranda Edwards, Beau Mirchoff, Willow Shields, Jack Kilmer, and others.

When will it start streaming?

Bruce Willis-led Detective Knight trilogy will be streaming on Lionsgate Play this December. The first film, Detective Knight: Rogue, will premiere on the popular OTT platform on the 1st of December. Detective Knight: Redemption will start streaming on the 8th of December, and finally, Detective Knight: Independence will premiere on the 15th of December.

Speaking of the adrenaline-rushing thriller series and Bruce’s character, the director said, “Damaged men hurt those they love by chasing glory to fill an emptiness in their souls. This film hopes to explore the masks we wear in everyday life, not just at Halloween, to hide our own pain. For James Knight, the reason he pursued a career in law enforcement is rooted in a decades-long quest for vengeance.”

Take your comfy blanket out, fill that tub with popcorn, and get ready to catch Bruce Willis in action as Detective Knight comes of Lionsgate Play this December!

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