Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel On Being Introvert, Having Anxiety & Asthma
Brie Larson AKA Captain Marvel On Being Introvert, Having Anxiety & Asthma (Pic Credit – BrieLarson/Instagram)

Brie Larson is one of the most critically acclaimed actresses in Hollywood. The Unicorn Store actress has done some remarkable work in the west including films like The Glass Castle, Kong: The Skull Island, Short Term 12 and Room to name a few. But one movie that changed the dynamics of her career big time was Captain Marvel.

Yes, you read that right. Remember the buzz before the movie back in 2019? We still get goosebumps reminiscing Brie Larson’s portrayal of Captain Marvel every single time.



Larson has just come up with her own YouTube channel where she is talking without having filters. The Captain Marvel actress spoke about how she dealt with anxiety and her introverted character before playing the character.

Brie captioned her first video on YouTube as “So, I made a decision…” The Unicorn Store actress started by giving her intro and said, “Hi, I’m Brie Larson, I’m an actor, you might know me from Captain Marvel, or maybe you me from nothing. Maybe you just randomly, from the algorithm clicked on this. But regardless, hello! I’m starting a YouTube channel.”

Revealing the reason why Larson started the channel, she said, “This is like the place to talk about things that are important and that matter. It doesn’t mean that there isn’t also silly content, that there’s ways for me to express myself personally. But, there will also be deep conversations, anti-racist rhetoric, inclusive content.”

She also spoke about her struggles with anxiety, asthma and that she was an introvert and said, “For me, my baseline has been, I’m an introvert with asthma. Like, that’s been my story for myself…I’m introverted. I’m scared. I have social anxiety. And though, in particular, playing Captain Marvel, that kind of wiped clean those titles I had for myself and made me go, ‘Woah, I’m not really that anymore.’ And so, from there I found that speaking out, telling my story, talking about things that I’m scared of, has just helped me so much,”

Watch the full video here:

Also, don’t miss out on the comments where fan all across the globe are going gaga over her YouTube channel.

All the best, Brie Larson!

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