Birthday Boy Bryan Cranston Is Bad*ss As Mr White & In Real Life Too – This Snippet From Comic-Con 2015 Is Proof!
Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston Is Sassy AF & This Reply Says It All (PC: Getty Images)

Actor Bryan Cranston, who is best known for his roles as Walter White in the crime drama series Breaking, is a sassy actor who is sure to leave you in splits. Don’t believe us? Well, you ought to check out his interaction with fans at a Comic-Con in 2015.


When asked how he enjoyed his stay in the New Mexico town of Albuquerque, the Sneaky Pete actor’s response was something no one expected and left the boy who asked the question red.


At the 2015 Comic-Con, a very excited fan asked Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston how he felt during his stay in Albuquerque and what interesting he did there and if he had fun. Bryan took the mic, and the answer was definitely not something the fans or the audience or even the host expected.

With a grin and swag that may make your heart skip a beat, Bryan Cranston replied, “I’d go and visit your mother once in a while.” He ended his smart answer by literally doing the mic-drop. Check out the video here:

While the entire audiences were having a hearty laugh, the lad who asked the question too crackling while his face turned a shade of red. The host of the evening soon picked his mic and said, “Next question. Next… question.”

On this shared throwback video, fans praise birthday boy Bryan Cranston for his witty and sass-filled reply. One user wrote, “ah shucks he need witty comeback but Bryan 👏👌 nice one lol” Another follower of the page wrote, “If this had happened nowadays the perfect response would be: “I’ve got two dads so jokes on you Bryan” Another fan commented on the video saying, “He should’ve said his moms dead. That would’ve been the perfect response” A fourth user wroth, “Kid should have said, “Is that why she has STD?” LOL who’s funny now?”

What do you think about this throwback video of Breaking Bad’s Bryan Cranston? Let us know in the comments below.

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