Bob Odenkirk's Saul Goodman & Bryan Cranston's Walter White Earn Almost Similar Income
Better Call Saul & Breaking Bad Are Two Of The Best TV Shows Of All Time (Photo Credit: IMDb & mashable)

Bob Odenkirk as Saul Goodman has given all of us one of the best TV characters of all time. At first in the 4 seasons of Breaking Bad and then in the 5 seasons of Better Call Saul, he has been with us for almost a decade.

From 2008 till now, Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul & El Camino have shifted us to a world we don’t want to be a part of but love to observe. But to make everything look so convincing yet epic, a lot of hard work went off. Like the whole team, even Bryan Cranston (Walter White) & Bob Odenkirk (Jimmy Mcgill aka Saul Goodman) have done incredible work for the shows and the good thing is that they have been paid exceptionally well for it.

Moreover, do you know both actors, Bryan & Bob have been paid almost equally for leading the cast of Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul respectively?

As per Business Insider, Bryan Cranston was paid $225,000 per episode for Breaking Bad. This is only a little more than $200,000 per episode which Bob Odenkirk has been getting for Better Call Saul according to CelebrityNetWorth. This is much better when compared to the income of another major Breaking Bad character, Aaron Paul (Jesse Pinkman) who used to get $150,000 per episode according to Business Insider.

Meanwhile, Bob Odenkirk recently got his 4th Golden Globe Nomination for Better Call Saul. Talking about the same he told Deadline, “The nomination is a reminder that there’s other people out there in the world, that we’re part of a community.”

“We haven’t seen each other because there are no get-togethers, there’s no awards and the benefit shows that you’re a part of, that are big part of … this very social business. But even just getting the nomination … it reminds me that I’m in this community of people I like very much,” he added.

Bob also revealed that the filming of the much-awaited final season of Better Call Saul will begin in March. “I can’t wait for the fireworks, really,” he said and added, “Our show is a bit of a slow burn over the past few years, and (Gilligan and Gould) build-up. There’s certainly exciting moments throughout, but towards the end, it gets super supremely intense.”

Well, we can’t wait for it! Can you?

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