After entertaining the audience with the classic – Once Upon A Time In Hollywood alongside Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt is now set to play a gun-wielding, pirate-hunting astronaut in the upcoming film Ad Astra.


During his promotional tour of the film, the actor got the chance to converse with an astronaut onboard the International Space Station, Nick Hague and ask him questions about the world of astronomy.

Brad Pitt Asks ISS Astronauts About India's Chandrayaan 2 Landing On The Moon!
Brad Pitt Asks ISS Astronauts About India’s Chandrayaan 2 Landing On The Moon!

Pitt was present at the NASA’s Space Operations Center in Washington DC where he chatted with Nick who has been living on the ISS since March. The two talked about the unanticipated consequences of weightless life where Nick told Pitt, “The calluses on my feet have basically gone away because I don’t walk on the bottoms of my feet,” said Hague, who is currently living on the ISS with two other Americans, two Russians and an Italian. But now I have calluses across the top of my foot, around my big toe, because I’m constantly hanging on things with my big toe.”


After a few questions, Pitt asks if Nick saw the landing of India’s Chandrayaan 2’s Vikram lander. He said, ” I got to go to JPL last week and it was when India was landing on the moon and the United States was assisting them in that effort. Could you see that from where you are?” To which Nick responded saying that they couldn’t and they like every one else followed the news.

Pitt held the 20-minute video call via split-screen from the headquarters. As for Ad Astra, the story will be on the life of an astronaut sent on a dangerous mission at the edge of the solar system.

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