Brad Pitt Starrer Ad Astra's Director BREAKS SILENCE On The Criticism Of Scientific Inaccuracies
Brad Pitt Starrer Ad Astra’s Director BREAKS SILENCE On The Criticism Of Scientific Inaccuracies

Ad Astra released last year in which Brad Pitt played an astronaut who is finding his missing father. He’s looking for the edge of the solar system in order to reach his father. The movie didn’t exactly make loud thunders as other sci-fi movies do. It received a great amount of criticism for its scientific inaccuracies.


Many people also say Brad Pitt’s Ad Astra is not like the usual sci-fi movies we see in Hollywood. It doesn’t follow a particular formula and is infused with the right amount of drama. How it handled ‘space travel’ was the issue for many critics.


In a conversation with Collider, director of Ad Astra, James Grey has opened up about the criticism. He says, “We were trying to do a kind of fable or a myth in space… one of the things that troubled me about Ad Astra was when people said, ‘Well, in the actual science his hair would be floating in zero-G or he wouldn’t be able to sail through the rings of a planet.’ To me, it’s a very fatuous level of critique. You don’t read the myth of Icarus and say, ‘Wax on feathers wouldn’t allow you to fly.’”

He also adds to the above, “Of course that’s true, but it’s all about metaphor essentially. I felt that we were trying to get at, and [cinematographer] Hoyte van Hoytema understood, something mythic, almost like a fable.”

Ad Astra is a sci-fi fantasy drama, where Pitt is cast as a man who travels across a solar system to hunt his missing father who is a renegade scientist.

Have you seen the film? If yes, what do you think about the criticism it received? Was it fair enough or this one needs to be watched by more people. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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