Ben Affleck On Working With Ridley Scott: "There Was An Incredible Amount Of Energy..."
Ben Affleck On Working With Ridley Scott: “There Was An Incredible Amount Of Energy…” – Deets Inside (Photo Credit: Facebook & IMDb)

Hollywood star Ben Affleck says he was excited to see four-time Academy Award nominee Ridley Scott’s shooting style while filming ‘The Last Duel’.

“It was really exciting for me to see Ridley’s very distinctive shooting style, which involves multiple cameras capturing all of the action in two parts, but it feels simultaneous,” said Affleck.



He added: “There was an incredible amount of energy present depending on where the cameras were pointing. You didn’t know when you were going to be on camera and when you weren’t, which created a sense of urgency and immediacy that was really great.”

Besides Ben Affleck, the film also stars Oscar winner Matt Damon, two-time Academy Award nominee Adam Driver and Emmy winner Jodie Comer.

Explaining Scott’s unique work dynamic, Damon said: “When Ridley is setting his cameras in the trailer he will walk out on to the floor, rehearse a scene, and set four cameras, and Darius will light them. Then he goes into the truck and looks at those cameras as if he was operating them, which is just a more elaborate version of what he started out doing.

Damon added: “You know what a shot is and you know how to find it and how to set it up…he just does that with four cameras, and he has four professional operators on walkie-talkies adjusting the shot, and that’s your shot right there.”

‘The Last Duel’ releases on October 22.

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