Avengers: Infinity War is finally in theaters and I know it’s too tough to get the tickets of your favourite show and cinema hall. More than half of my friends have watched the movie with a compromised timing, language and theatre. So, whoever has seen the movie go ahead and read this but those who haven’t, please stop here, go and watch the movie then come back to read this.


As I mentioned in my review, the Avengers: Infinity War has multiple parallel tracks running amidst the main track. The friendship of Dr. Strange & Iron Man, the bond of Thor & Guardians Of The Galaxy team, the emotional sequence between Thanos and Gamura; after all this exceptional happenings in the end Marvel breaks our heart.

Avengers: Infinity Wars Post Credit Scene: What Is Coming Next For Us?
Avengers: Infinity War Post Credits Scene: What Is Coming Next For Us?

Thanos loses ‘everything’ yet acquires all the six Infinity stones and does the inevitable of swiping out half of people from the entire universe. We see how our favourite superheroes vanish into dust and no one can do anything. Spiderman’s last breath in Iron Man’s arms was the most heart-breaking moment we’ve seen in any Marvel movie till date.

Post all this, Marvel follow its tradition of giving a post-credit scene but this time it was just one and after a gap of over 10 long minutes. We see Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill (Cobie Smulders) driving and listening to the news of missing Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.). A car smashes into theirs and there’s a hint something is wrong with the city, yet again. They both get out of the car and see a helicopter swirling in the air colliding with a skycrapper.


Maria Hill starts turnings into dust as some of our superheroes and Nick tries to figure out what’s going on. He goes back to his car and take out his emergency beeper to send a message to someone. We see Fury turnings to the dust and just before it gets him he managed to transfer the message from the beeper.

As the beeper hits the ground, we see the logo of Captain Marvel – eight pointed star, appearing on it. Which means Fury has reached out Captain Marvel, who in the comic books is considered as bigger than many superheroes and villains.

Captain Marvel aka Carol Denvers is a US Air Force pilot who has the power of flying and throwing fire beams from her hands. She gets the name Captain Marvel from the alien named Mar-vell whose DNA was mashed up with hers. This is what comics suggests but we don’t know how well they can execute in the film. The standalone movie of Captain Marvel will be releasing in March next year and we’ll get a hint of what’s awaiting us in the grand finale of Avengers.




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