Avengers: Endgame: Chris Evans' Captain America's Time-Travel Loophole Finally Addressed
Avengers: Endgame: Chris Evans’ Captain America’s Time-Travel Loophole Addressed By The Directors (Photo Credit – Getty Images/IMDb)

For all the die-hard MCU fans out there, Avengers: Endgame did leave some unanswered questions about Chris Evans’ Captain America, and his time-travel adventure. A question like “How was he present in the current scenario despite going back in the time to return the stones?” keeps surfacing on the internet every now and then.

Joe and Anthony Russo have previously explained this using the scientific term ‘brach reality’. Still, many of the fans weren’t convinced by the explanation, and the directors are back to explain it further.

While talking about Avengers: Endgame at Lights Camera Barstool podcast, Joe Russo said, “One thing that’s clear that Anthony and I have discussed, I don’t know that we’ve discussed his publicly at all, Cap would have to have travelled back to the main timeline.”

He continued, “That’s something that, yes, he would have been in a branch reality, but he would have to travel back to the main timeline to give that shield to Sam Wilson. In our internal logic that we defined in the room, that was the choice that we made – based on everything that happened, he would have been in a branch reality and then had to have shifted over to this, so jumped from one to the other and handed the shield off.”

To which partner Anthony Russo added, “I can’t tell you how liberating it was to be able to finish and deliver Avengers: Endgame without any idea or any thought about how it moves forward from here. Because up until that point, it was always about how do we move forward, how do we move forward, and it was very creatively liberating not to have that burden any longer.”

Avengers: Endgame is one such movie that will get discussed even years from now for its bts, theories and easter-eggs, and that’s why Marvel is the most wholesome production house when it comes to connecting films to each other.

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