Angelina Jolie's Father Jon Voight Accused Of Slapping By Frank Whaley: "He Is A Major D**k"
Angelina Jolie’s Father Jon Voight Accused Of Slapping By Frank Whaley: “He Is A Major D**k” (Pic credit: Twitter/Frank Whaley)

Not Angelina Jolie and her row with Brad Pitt, but her father Jon Voight is making headlines today. As per actor Frank Whaley, his Ray Donovan co-star, Voight, slapped him amid a scene of the film. Whaley wrote down all this allegation in a long note on his social media front. Below is what the actor exactly has to say.


As per Frank Whaley, Angelina Jolie’s father Jon slapped him across his face during a scene. As per him, Voight denied anything of this sort happening but forgot that there was an on-set photographer. Frank’s made this tweet after Voight’s Republican National Convention speech welcoming the US President Donal Trump.

“F**k Jon Voight. On Ray Donovan, he slapped me across the face in the middle of a scene because he couldn’t keep up, then denied doing it. He forgot about the still photographer who was on set. Bottom line: Jon Voight is a major d**k,” wrote Frank Whaley.


Fans of the actor and netizens are having mixed reactions about Whaley’s revelations. Many of their pals have also taken to the micro-blogging site to react to the alleged incident. Reacting to Jon Voight slapping Whaley, Dean Cain wrote, “He slapped you — that’s quite clear. The reason he slapped you remains a mystery… although I have an idea.”

Replying to Cain, actor Neil Caplan wrote, “Dean, politics aside, Voight slapped him on set, because Voight is an a**hole. Were he respectful, respectable professional, he wouldn’t have laid an uninvited violent hand on another actor. PERIOD.”

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and John Voight have been known for having a stressful relationship. It was during her separation from Brad Pitt that she came close to her father. What do you have to say about this? Let us know in the comments section below.

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