Angelina Jolie Once Said, "Brad (Pitt) Is The Only Person I Talk To", She Is Still Lonely After Divorce
Angelina Jolie Is Still Not Into Dating After Divorce From Brad Pitt, Once She Revealed, “I Don’t Have A Lot Of Friends…” ( Photo Credit – Instagram )

Celebrities’ love life is one of the most interesting topics to gossip about among the commoners. Who’s dating who, who’s marriage is with whom, how did they get divorced so soon, and this cycle of questions goes on. Hollywood’s one of the ex IT couples Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt used to hit the headlines with their love affair, then marriage and then their divorce. It’s very difficult for a celebrity to endure the phase after the separation as the fans also bash them at that time, and they feel outcast and lonely.

This might have happened to Angelina as well. And as the Eternals actress doesn’t have a lot of friends, this might have been quite challenging for her. Did you know once the diva had revealed, it was only Brad whom she used to talk to? Yes, that’s right. Keep scrolling to get to the scoop.

Once in an interview with Marie Claire, Angelina Jolie had opened up about how homebound she is and how few friends she had, let alone girlfriends. And it’s just her then-lover, Brad with whom she used to spend time. She had said, “It was nice for me to play with other girls; I don’t really have girlfriends in movies, if you’ve noticed. Well, I have a few girlfriends. I just… I stay at home a lot. I don’t do a lot with them, and I’m very homebound.”

Angelina Jolie further added while sharing deets about whom she talks, “I talk to my family. I talk to Brad… But I don’t know, I don’t have a lot of friend I talk to. He really is the only person I talk to.”

After the divorce, Angelina had mostly kept to herself. In an interview with Madame Figaro, the Kung Fu Panda actress opened up about how disheartened she was after the divorce. She said, “It was a complicated moment, when I did not recognise myself anymore, where I had become … smaller, almost insignificant, even if it was not necessarily obvious. I felt a deep and real sadness, I was hurt.”

While after the divorce, Brad Pitt has been romantically linked with many actresses and models, Angelina Jolie devoted her time to Humanitarian work across the globe and put her time into nurturing her six kids.

Angelina Jolie surely feels the loneliness, but as she is quite a strong-headed woman, she knows what to do next. Angie is returning with Maude v Maude, which is yet to release.

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