Amy Schumer Says Sharing Her Pain Helps Alleviate It
Amy Schumer Talks About The Up & Downs In Her Life (Pic Credit: Instagram)

Hollywood star Amy Schumer has opened up about how she copes with painful moments.


The comedienne says sharing the most vulnerable and “darkest” moments of her life with the world is like therapy, reports


The ‘I Feel Pretty’ star is an open book when it comes to sharing the ups and downs of her life, including health battles and pregnancy, and admits she can overshare at times, but it helps her to “alleviate” her “pain.”

Amy Schumer told Heat magazine: “I think I really wanted to share just sort of my most vulnerable, darkest … I always wanted to share that stuff, because it also helps alleviate my pain about it and it’s sort of therapeutic.”

However, Schumer is always careful not to share stories about other people without getting their approval first.

The “Life & Beth” star, whose latest comedy series for Disney+ is semi-autobiographic, added, “I’m careful about what I share about other people and always make sure that they greenlight it, whatever I’m writing, whatever I’m sharing, I make sure that it’s OK with them.”

“But in terms of me sharing stuff about myself, yeah, I’m sure I’ve shared more than some people would have cared me to, but I think it’s helpful. I do,” Schumer further said.

“And it feels really great and powerful to feel like you might be making somebody laugh and feel better about themselves.”

She says one aspect of her alter ego Beth that is true to herself is the fact she is an unlikely introvert. She said, “She is definitely based on a side of me, and one of the things that surprises people is that I actually am and introvert.”

“I think so many of us have these conflicting sides of ourselves,” Amy shared.

“And I, as myself, feel supremely confident, but I also do consider myself as someone with really low self-esteem.”

Meanwhile, Amy Schumer recently stood up against the gun violence that is haunting the US. She, amongst other Hollywood creators like Judd Apatow, Jimmy Kimmel and Mark Ruffalo, have signed a open letter urging their colleagues to reconsider the use of guns onscreen.

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