Amber Heard’s Gully Labelled Flop
Amber Heard Starrer Gully Manages To Earn Below Average(Photo Credit – Getty Images/Imdb)

There are no two ways about the fact that Amber Heard is right now one of the most hated celebrities on the Internet, and the brunt of the fire will definitely reach everything she becomes a part of. We all are already seeing the resistance that her next big vehicle, the sequel Aquaman And The Lost Kingdom, is facing because the studio decided to keep her and no fire. Amid that, the actor has seen the release of her film Gully and the film has turned out to be doomed.


For the unversed, Amber Heard has been at the receiving end of backlash for almost a year now. It all began when Johnny Depp faced defeat in the Libel trial against the British Tabloid. Hell broke loose on him, and he had to bid farewell to some of his big projects. This led to Depp fans lashing out at Heard, and calling out studios for not making her face the consequences and being partial. Now Gully’s release has only proved that the hate is still strong. Read on to know more about the same.


Gully starring Amber Heard that released most recently did not impress critics who bashed the movie left right and centre. At the Box Office, it must have fared better but not enough to take the flop tag away from its fate.

Gully initially premiered in 2019 but had to suffer a 2-year delay due to the pandemic that brought things to a standstill. The movie finally saw a release this year 2 weeks ago, but as per We Got This Covered, it never really screened in more than 100 screens.

The report by the same portal says that the film only managed to earn $36,000 globally and that has not worked in Amber Heard‘s favour clearly. It can’t be ignored that the pandemic still going strong in many parts of the world is also a reason for low collections.

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  1. Not JD “Fans”. Real DV Survivors and Victims have banded together to tell their story and to Support JD because they see in him the real victim and AH the horrific abuser. Please stop calling the people who are outraged against JD’s injustice as his “fans”. There have been a few supporters for JD who have said openly that they are not fans of him but believe in his innocence and support him! Please stop spreading that misinformation about it being “fans”. Report the truth! Real DV Victims and Survivors support JD!

  2. What happen to Gully movie, will happen to EVERY movie where she is involved! And the title on Aquaman 2 will be remember as: AQUAMAN AND THE LOST AUDIENCE!
    Actors should say NO to participating in movies where she is involved, due to their career may be ruind, because the result will be complete as Gully!

  3. Every movie where she is involved with, will end up like Gully! And the title on Aquaman will be remember as:
    Actors should sa no to movies where she is involved, due to their career, because the result will be exatly like Gully!


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